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These seeds were collected from Wrightia tinctoria, also known as Pala indigo, and dyers oleander. This tree can grow up to 50 feet high and has white flowers that turn a pale yellow with age. The leaves, flowers, seeds, and fruit are all edible and they can also be used to make an indigo colored dye. The wood is white like ivory and very valuable in wood carving, and for making toys. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 12.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Wrightia tinctoria seeds – a gateway to a realm of vibrant blooms and natural splendor. With its captivating flower hues and adaptability, this plant stands as a testament to natures artistry and enduring charm.

Blooms of Radiance: Envision your garden adorned with the vivid shades of Wrightia tinctoria blooms. From pristine whites to delicate pinks, these star-shaped flowers infuse your landscape with an air of elegance, painting a serene portrait of natures beauty.

Thriving in Various Climates: Wrightia tinctoria thrives across a range of conditions, flourishing in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 through 11. Whether nestled in subtropical or tropical regions, this plant exemplifies natures resilience, adding allure to gardens of diverse climates.

Sip Natures Elixir: Beyond its visual appeal, Wrightia tinctoria offers the potential for a soothing tea, allowing you to experience the essence of the outdoors through your taste buds. The plants leaves open doors to flavors and sensory delight.

A Fragrance to Cherish: Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of natures fragrance as Wrightia tinctoria imparts its aromatic notes to your surroundings. Every breeze becomes a whisper of tranquility, transforming your garden into a fragrant oasis.

Wildlifes Sanctuary: Watch in awe as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds converge upon the nectar-rich blooms. Wrightia tinctoria becomes a haven for these essential pollinators, fostering a harmonious ecosystem within your garden.

Unfazed by Grazing: Embrace the beauty of Wrightia tinctoria without worry – this plant is resistant to deer browsing. Your garden sanctuary remains untouched, allowing you to relish its elegance without interruption.

Elevate your landscape with Wrightia tinctoria – where blooms captivate, fragrances enchant, and the symphony of life thrives. With these seeds, you are not simply planting a flower; you are cultivating a tapestry of color, fragrance, and natural vitality.