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This is Medinilla myriantha, also known as Malaysian Orchid, and Malaysian Grapes. This is a tropical epiphyte shrub with woody branched stems. An epiphyte grows on another tree for support but does not draw any nutrition from the tree like a parasite would. A epiphyte can live off of nutrients that it takes directly from the air and rain. Many epiphytes are house plants because of their minimal requirements for soil and water. This plant grows to about 4 feet tall and likes to live in light shade. This is an indoor house plant for everyone who does not live in zone 10. I think that is Hawaii and parts of Florida, maybe Albuquerque. Anyways, it makes a great house plant. You can move it outside in the summer where the birds bees, and butterflies will go wild over it. This plant has a long bloom from late Spring until early Fall. This is a nectar plant for a group of butterflies called the longwings or heliconians. UDSA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11