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These seeds were collected from Tacca chantrieri Tall Giant. This giant variety is twice the size of the regular Tacca chantrieri plant, and the seeds are 4 times bigger than the regular seeds. This tender perennial maxes out at around 6 feet high. This is perfect for an impressive house plant. Gather around and behold its exotic beauty. Tacca chantrieri giant is unusual in the sense that it has a black flower. This amazing plant starts out with a green bloom as a pup but as it grows older the bloom turns purple, black, maroon, brown, and bronze. This breath taking tropical blooms from late Spring to early Fall and like to live in a spot where it gets about 60 percent shade. They like to drink a great deal of water and bask in high humidity. Good air circulation is very important to this plant. This is no low maintenance plant for the beginner but if you have time and patience and are up to a challenge then this giant black bat plant will be your masterpiece. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11.