Sterculia villosa | Elephant Rope Tree|Hairy-Sterculia | Sardol | Udal | 5_Seeds

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These seeds were collected from Sterculia villosa, also known as Elephant Rope Tree, Hairy-Sterculia, Sardol, Udal, and Udar. This tree likes to live in sun, but the young seedlings do well in some shade. The flowers are yellow and shaped like a bell. The seedpods are red and hairy. The wood can produces a pulp which is good for making paper and other lightweight boards, boxes, and packing materials. The roots can be powdered and made into a flour for cooking bread and doughnuts. The seeds can be eaten after being baked or roasted and the bark can be used to make a gum that is useful in baking pastries. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11.