Hylocereus megalanthus | Yellow Dragon Fruit |Pitaya|Pitahaya Amarilla| 20_Seeds

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These seeds are from Hylocereus megalanthus, also known as Golden Dragonfruit, Yellow Pitaya, and Pitahaya Amarilla. This climbing succulent likes to live in full sun to light shade where it grows up to 15 feet high and has white blossoms from the middle of Spring until early Summer. This may be the largest flower in the cactus family, some are over a foot across, and for that reason it is also sought after as an impressive ornamental plant. The fruit is not just a perk, it is the main reason for growing this plant for meany people. It is mildly sweet and delicious. It is the sweetest of dragonfruit. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 12.