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These seeds are from Codariocalyx motorius, also known as the telegraph plant, dancing plant, or semaphore plant. This plant is capable of rapid movement like the venus flytrap. Yes, it moves fast enough so that you can see it move. The movement is not completely understood. You do not make this plant move by touching it, but instead it can be enticed into moving with music. For this reason some people think that the movement by this plant is used to keep away predators, maybe insects. Others think the plant moves to take in as much light energy as possible. At the base of each leaf, there are two small leaflets which constantly scan the environment and the main leaf turns itself smoothly on a hinge. The plant can get up to about 4 feet high and it has small purple flowers that look like little cups. The Power Of Movement In Plants was written by Charles Darwin in 1880 and this plant was included in the book. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11.