Plumeria rubra | Red Frangipani | Nosegay | Pagoda Tree | Temple Flower| 5_Seeds

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These seeds were collected from Plumeria rubra, also known as Frangipani, Nosegay, Pagoda Tree, and Temple Flower. These tropical trees like to live in sun to partial shade where they blossom from late winter until early spring. The flowers go through many color changes as they grow older. Sporting blossoms of pink, yellow, red, brown , and bronze, this plant does well growing in a container. This is a butterfly larval host plant for the Tetrio sphinx, and Rimosus sphinx moths. The flowers are used to make necklaces in Cambodia. These fragrant flowers are often found in cemeteries and temples. This is the national flower of Nicaragua. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11.