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This is Helenium autumnale, also known as Helens Flower, Dogtooth Daisy, Common sneezeweed, Fall sneezeweed, Autumn sneezeweed, large-flowered sneezeweed. This plants can shoot up to about 6 feet high and must live in full sun. They start blooming in the late Summer and do not let up until late Fall. It is a great plant to have around for butterflies late in the season after the other plants are of no use to them anymore. This is a larval host plant for the Dainty Sulphur and Southern Skipperling butterflies. It is also a documented nectar plant for the Queen and a food Source for the adult Little Metalmark, Northern Metalmark, Fiery Skipper, Dion Skipper, Dukes Skipper, and Horaces Duskywing butterflies. USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 8.