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This is Abelmoschus moschatus, Abelmosk, ambrette seeds, annual hibiscus, Bamia Moschata, Galu Gasturi, muskdana, musk mallow, musk okra, musk seeds, ornamental okra, rose mallow seeds, tropical jewel hibiscus, and Yorka okra. Abelmoschus moschatus is very fragrant and native to India. The oil from the seeds of Abelmosk were once used as a perfume but not much anymore because of the high cost of the oil. The leaves, roots, seeds, seedpods, and oil from annual hibiscus are all edible. The seeds can be added to coffee as a flavoring and the leaves and new shoots can be eaten as vegetables. Unripened seedpods are also boiled and eaten as vegetables. Sugar can be clarified using the leaves of Abelmoschus moschatus and the seeds can be fried or roasted and eaten. They taste similar to sesame seeds and are used as a flavoring in many recipes. An essential oil can be obtained from annual hibiscus and tobacco is sometimes flavored with the flowers of Abelmosk. Abelmoschus moschatus attracts many different birds, bees, and butterflies. This plant can be grown as an annual anywhere and is a tender perennial in USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11.