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Here, I am offering Seeds of Passiflora vitifolia Hybrid x coccinea, also known as Scarlet Flame. This fast growing hybrid likes to live in the full sun with good drainage. This plant has been bred to bloom all over the vine. It is just scarlet blossoms everywhere once this gets going. This is an F1 seed, meaning that the cross pollination was done and then these seeds were collected from those first generation plants that were cross pollinated. If you grow plants with these F1 seeds, the plants will be disease resistant and have abundant blossoms. If you then gather your seeds from the plant that you have grown and try to grow a vine with that collected seed you will not get the same wonderful vines that you grew from these F1 Seeds. Almost all of the seedlings grown from the seeds collected from the plant that you grow will revert back to one of the parents, and sometimes you will find some strange results. After the cross pollination happens, the first seeds collected are F1 seeds and the plants grown from these seeds are the only ones to have something called hybrid vigor. These seeds will grow a plant with hybrid vigor. People who grow the best Passion fruit do it with vines grown from F1 Seeds like these. You can take cuttings from an F1 plant, and the plants that grow from those cuttings will be F1 plants. The most beautiful and disease resistant plants are plants grown from F1 hybrid seeds. These are some of the highest quality seeds that I have ever found. Professionally gathered and dried by a fantastic horticulturalist. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11