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These seeds were collected from Oryza sativa black, also known as Black Madras, Asian Rice, and Common Rice. This annual likes to live in full sun where it can grow up to about a foot and a half high and blossoms anywhere from the middle of summer until the middle of the fall sporting yellow, green, chartreuse, cream, and tan blossoms. The seed can be cooked and eaten and is one of the most cultivated crops in the world. You can also obtain oil from the seed and use it for cooking, to make salad dressing, to produce soap, or to create plastic for shipping. Starch from the rice is used to starch clothing, to produce cosmetics, and used in the making of textiles. The straw collected from the rice plant is used as a fuel, or to repair houses, or as a material to make thatching, bags, hats, paper, shoes, ropes, and storage containers. The seed can also be puffed and used a a delicious cereal. This plant is a larval host for the Violet-banded Skipper, Purple-washed Skipper, Ocola Skipper, and the Least Skipper butterflies. This annual can be grown in all USDA Hardiness Zones.