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These seeds were collected from Muntingia calabura, also known as Calabura, Jamaican Cherry, Panama berry, and Capulin. This tropical tree likes to live in full sun to partial shade where it can grow up to 30 feet high. The white flowers bloom all year and attract a wide variety of birds, bees, and butterflies. The wood is used as lumber and as fuel. The fruit is edible and can be eaten raw. The leaves are used to make tea. Although this tree is very useful, it is also planted as an ornamental tree and it provides a great nectar source for honey bees. In Brazil the tree is planted on the waters edge so that the fruit drops in the stream and attracts fish to the area. The bark has good fibers and can be used to make baskets or rope. The wood can be used as fuel or to make a paper pulp. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 12.