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These seeds were collected from Melia azedarach, also known as Bead-Tree, Cape Lilac, Chinaberry, Indian Lilac, Persian Lilac, and Syringa Berrytree. This tree likes to live in full sun where it can grow over 40 feet high although it can be grown in a container where it can only grow so big. It has amazingly fragrant blossoms which are lavender,pink purple, and white and they are on display from the middle of the spring until early summer. High quality timber is made from the wood of this tree. Hummingbirds such as sapphire-spangled emerald (Amazilia lactea), glittering-bellied emerald (Chlorostilbon lucidus) and planalto hermit (Phaethornis pretrei) not only use this plant for its nectar, but they also pollinate it. The leaves and fruit are often used as an insect repellent and the seeds were commonly used to make rosaries until they were replaced with plastic beads. This fast growing wood is also burned as a source of fuel. USDA Hardiness Zones 7b to 11.