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These seeds were collected from Handroanthus impetiginosus, also known as Lavender Trumpet Tree, pink ipe, pink lapacho, and Pink Trumpet Tree. This tree likes to live in full sun where it can grow up to 30 feet high. The pink and purple blossoms are on display from late winter until early summer. This tree is deer resistant. Bees use this plant to collect nectar and pollen, and people use the tree as an ornamental for its beauty. This is Paraguays national tree. The wood is very dense and great for making cabinets and many other things including musical instruments. USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11.

Handroanthus impetiginosus seeds – your portal to a world of natural splendor and ecological harmony. With its captivating bloom colors and unwavering hardiness, this tree is a testament to natures magnificence and adaptability.

Bloom in Living Color: Imagine your landscape adorned with the breathtaking hues of Handroanthus impetiginosus blooms. From rich purples to vibrant pinks, these trumpet-shaped flowers paint an exquisite picture against any backdrop, turning your garden into a masterpiece of natural artistry.

Enduring Hardiness: Our Handroanthus impetiginosus thrives in a range of climates, suiting USDA Hardiness Zones 9 through 11. From near frosty chills to sultry summers, this tree stands strong, promising enduring beauty and stability for your outdoor haven.

Sip Natures Elixir: Beyond its visual charm, this tree offers a sensory journey. Its blooms can be transformed into a soothing tea or a coffee-like infusion, allowing you to savor the essence of the great outdoors with every sip.

Wildlifes Delight: Embrace the enchantment of biodiversity as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds are drawn to the nectar-rich blooms. This tree becomes a vital hub for these majestic creatures, ensuring your garden teems with life and vitality.

Guardian against Intruders: Worried about deer nibbling at your cherished plants? Rest easy – the Handroanthus impetiginosus is renowned for its deer-resistant qualities, allowing you to cultivate your garden sanctuary without constant vigilance.

Natures Harmony: This tree is not just a centerpiece; its an ecosystem in itself. Witness the dance of life as moths find solace and sustenance in its branches, adding yet another layer to the symphony of natures tapestry.

Elevate your landscape with the Handroanthus impetiginosus – a living masterpiece that invites you to embrace the marvels of nature. With blooms that mesmerize, hardiness that perseveres, and an ecological embrace that thrives, these seeds encapsulate the essence of the wild in your very own garden.