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These seeds were collected from Franklinia alatamaha, also known as Ben Franklin Tree, and Franklin Tree. These trees like to live in full sun to light shade where it needs to be in soil that remains moist. This is probably the reason that in the wilderness, it is extinct. This is the only species in the Franklinia genus. The large white blossoms are very fragrant and on display from the middle of the summer until early winter. The seeds take over a year to mature, and their development goes into dormancy in the winter. It is very rare that a tree has its current years blossoms and fully developed seeds which are finally finished from the prior year. It is called zygotic dormancy. This plant was first discovered in Georgia, in 1765, when it was a British colony. The botanists who first recorded this tree named the genus after a good friend of their father, Benjamin Franklin. This tree is the pride of any garden. USDA Hardiness Zones 6 to 9.