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These seeds are for growing Coffea arabica Chandragiri. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11. The variety was released in 2007 and is called Chandragiri. A selfed F3 progeny of the cross between Villa Sarchi x Hibrido de Timor. Coffea arabica Chandragiri is deer resistant. This plant is a larval host plant for the Half-blind sphinx Moth. It is also a nectar source for the Red-bordered Pixie, and Klugs Clearwing butterflies. Plants have vigorous growth and are semidwarf. USDA Hardiness Zones 10 to 11.

Explore the magic of Coffea arabica Chandragiri seeds – an entryway to a realm of captivating blooms and unyielding strength. With its vibrant flowers and robustness, this plant stands as a testament to both beauty and resilience.

Blossoms in Radiance: Imagine your garden graced by the mesmerizing hues of Coffea arabica Chandragiri blooms. From delicate whites to enchanting pinks, these flowers infuse your landscape with a spectrum of color, transforming your outdoor space into a canvas of natural artistry.

Thriving in Diverse Climates: Coffea arabica Chandragiri thrives across a range of climates, flourishing in USDA Hardiness Zones 10 through 11. From subtropical to tropical regions, this plant exemplifies natures versatility, adding allure to gardens in varying environments.

Culinary Adventures: Beyond its visual charm, Coffea arabica Chandragiri extends an invitation to culinary exploration. Its beans, treasured for their unique flavors, introduce you to the rich experience of crafting your own coffee, providing a sensory journey from plant to cup.

A Fragrant Delight: Immerse yourself in the subtle embrace of fragrance as Coffea arabica Chandragiri imparts its aromatic notes to your surroundings. Each breeze carries whispers of tranquility, enveloping your garden in a soothing aura.

A Haven for Pollinators: Watch in awe as butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds gather around the nectar-rich blooms of Coffea arabica Chandragiri. This plant becomes a sanctuary for these vital pollinators, creating a vibrant ecosystem that enriches your garden.

Unfazed by Grazing: Embrace the beauty of Coffea arabica Chandragiri without worry – this plant is resistant to deer browsing. Your garden remains untouched, allowing you to enjoy its splendor without interruption.

Elevate your landscape with Coffea arabica Chandragiri – where blooms captivate, fragrances soothe, and the symphony of life thrives. With these seeds, you are not merely planting a flower; you are nurturing an ecosystem of color, fragrance, and vitality that enriches your garden.