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This is Ipomoea coccinea Orange Noah, also known as Scarlet Star Glory. This cultivar has redish orange flowers with orange centers. This is one of the best plants to have if you want to lure hummingbirds into your garden. It is an aggressive plant but you can easily pull it up where you do not want it. It is worth the little bit of work that it creates just because of the wildlife that it brings. Orange Noah can get 12 feet long and likes to live in full sun where it will bloom repeatedly from the middle of the Summer until early Fall. Ipomoea coccinea Orange Noah is the plant for bringing the Morning-glory Prominent, and Morning-glory Plume, and Morning-glory Leafminer Moths, and it also lures the Mexican Fritillary, and Spicebush Swallowtail butterflies into your garden. This plant is a larval host for the Morning Glory Pellicia, Mimic butterflies and the Pink-spotted hawkmoth. It is a nectar source for the Sheep Skipper, Purplish-black Skipper, and Cloudless Sulphur butterflies. Ipomoea coccinea Orange Noah is an annual vine, therefore it can be grown in any USDA Hardiness Zone.