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This is Impatiens balsamina, also known as Balsam, Garden Balsam, Garden Jewelweed, Rose Balsam, Dopati, Gauri Shankar, and Touch-Me-Not. The seeds were collected from a mix of several different colors. Some of the plants were variegated and others were not. This is an Annual plant that likes to live in the sun but can also be happy in partial shade. It blooms from late Spring until early Fall and is a very popular guy with the bees, birds, and butterflies. This plant has a high mineral content when it is raw, so you do not want to eat too much of this plant while it is raw but it can be boiled or dried and eaten without a worry. People with gout, hyperacidity, kidney stones, rheumatism, and arthritis should not eat this plant. Touch-Me-Nots are a known nectar source for the Tailed Sulphur, Victorine Swallowtail, and Rusty-tipped Page butterflies. It is also a nectar source for the White-striped Black moth. This Annual plant can be grown in any USDA Hardiness Zones.