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This is Celosia Caracas, also known as Cockscomb, and Celosia Comfort. This is a great seed for the beginning gardener. They germinate easily, are virtually pest and disease free, and they are breathtaking. These impressive flowers are very showy and have mesmerizing texture. The feather light plumes seem to float in the air, bursting with life. These plants will reseed themselves, but the results are much better if you collect the seeds, dry them out, and then germinate them yourself. This plant does best in the sun, and it can grow in almost all types of soil. This is a magnificent dried flower when it is picked in the morning when it is covered with dew, stripped of its leaves, and then hung upside down to dry. This plant is a larval host for the Common Sootywing butterfly. In Africa, India, and Indonesia Celosia is eaten as a vegetable. This annual plant can be grown in all USDA Hardiness Zones.