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These seeds were collected from Amaranthus tricolor, also known as Molten Fire. Growing up to about 3 feet tall, this plant likes to live in the full sun where it will bloom from the middle of the Summer until early Fall. The beautiful burgundy leaf color is very striking.These plants should not be eaten if they are grown with nitrogen based fertilizers, but if they are grown organically they are a very versatile plant. The stems leaves, and seeds are all edible. The stems and leaves can be eaten raw or cooked much like spinach, and the seeds are soaked, rinsed, and then cooked before being eaten. Amaranthus are larval host plants for the Mazans Scallopwing, Common Sootywing, and Mexican Sootywing butterflies. This tender perennial stays alive in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 11 but can be grown as an annual in all USDA Hardiness Zones.