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These seeds were collected from Aconitum variegatum, also known as European Monkshood, Devils Helmet, and Wolfs Bane. These flowers blossom from the middle of the summer until early fall. They have beautiful blue and purple blossoms. USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 8.

Aconitum variegatum, a botanical marvel, captivates the senses with its enchanting allure. This perennial beauty boasts striking variegated foliage that dances with shades of blue and purple, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony in any garden. The bloom of Aconitum variegatum unfurls a tapestry of azure blue petals, reminiscent of the vast cerulean skies.

Thriving in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-8, this resilient plant stands firm against the whims of weather, showcasing its endurance and fortitude. With a penchant for cool climates, Aconitum variegatum thrives in regions where the icy breath of winter graces the land.

In the secret language of fragrance, Aconitum variegatum whispers its aromatic tale, attracting butterflies with its scented notes. Bees, those diligent pollinators, find solace in its blossoms, as do hummingbirds, the avian acrobats of the garden. Ladybugs, the tiny guardians of nature, find sanctuary amidst its leaves, creating a harmonious ecosystem that transcends the ordinary.

This resilient plant serves as a vital larval host for moths, contributing to the intricate dance of life in the garden. Aconitum variegatum is a green haven that becomes a nurturing refuge, fostering the delicate transformation of these winged wonders.

As the sun sets and the garden comes alive, Aconitum variegatum emerges as a beacon of beauty, entwining itself with the natural rhythm of life. Embrace the allure of this botanical symphony, where every leaf, bloom, and fragrance tells a story of resilience and interconnectedness.