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This is Cleome serrulata, also known as Rocky Mountain beeplant, Rocky mountain bee plant, Waa, and Skunk weed. This is an annual plant that must grow in the full sun and is the larval host plant of the Checkered White butterfly. This plant will also attract bees and the seeds are an important food source for doves and other small birds. Waa has been a food source for humans since prehistoric times and it is considered one of the few Wild Foods still in use. The seeds can be eaten cooked or raw, and the leaves can be cooked as a vegetable. The leaves are normally cooked with chili to mask the bitter flavor. If you eat too much of this it is possible to get nitrate poisoning. This amazingly versatile plant is also added as a binder in the paint which was used to paint black and white pottery. Rocky Mountain Beeplant is the larval host plant of the Beckers White, Checkered White, Western White, and Cabbage White butterflies.